Mind Architect

Mind Architect

If you were to significantly remodel a home wouldn’t you hire an Architect to draw the plan for your remodel? If you want to transform your thinking, then why wouldn’t you hire a Mind Architect? If you’re thinking isn’t cutting it and you’re not the person you want to be, or you’re not living the life you want to be living, then a “mind makeover” is likely in order!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

- Carl Jung

What does he mean and why should this matter? Consider his use of “unconscious” is anything you are not aware of and that “conscious” is anything you are aware of”. Based on these definitions, what he in effect is saying is that until you become aware of that which you were not aware of either in a particular moment or in general it will appear or occur to you that you have no choice. When you feel you have no “choice” you are likely to feel at “effect” or as though life his happening to you and what is occurring to you is “fate”.

When you work with Mind Architect brand coaching, training, and/or consulting services you have the opportunity to “remodel” your mind by modifying the thoughts, beliefs, and/or stories, which form what we refer to as “programs”. These “programs” automatically and habitually run outside of your awareness and produce the current behaviors, feelings, and results you experience in your daily life.

The question is are you getting what you want out of life or are you feeling stuck, or noticing that you continue to repeat the same old patterns over and over again? Some of the common patterns we see in our Mind Architect brand coaching, training, and/or consulting services that keep people stuck in what they believe to be their “fate” are recurring failed relationships, recurring financial issues, recurring weight issues of losing and gaining weight much like a yo-yo, as well as recurring career challenges of working in careers and jobs that leave them unfulfilled. Does this sound familiar to you?

Mind Architect brand coaching, training, and/or consulting services coaching rests on the foundation of Quantum Physics and it’s principle that everything is energy and thoughts are energy and attract like energy. We draw from over 20 different disciplines and mind models to assist you in remodeling your thought programs to have the life and results you envision. We help “shift” your world as you re-structure the phenomena of SHIFT, which is the operating system of your mind that we understand as Mind Architects. SHIFT stands for Separating, Highly, Illusory, Feelings, & Thoughts.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you fed up with the old patterns that keep showing up and rob you from living the life you really want? If you are then text “transform” to 72727 from your mobile phone to discuss further a customized Mind Architect plan for you based on your unique life and dreams. If you want permanent change, Mind Architect brand coaching, training, and/or consulting services is the solution because we strike at the root of transformation.

“For every 1000 hacking at the leaves of change, there is ONE striking at the root of transformation. Are you that ONE?”

- Henry David Thoreau (modified from his original quote)

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