Mastering Your Mind

Why should I get involved with this program?

In our manic world, if you are like most, you spend most of your time doing. With the changes in the job market and the economy, you may find yourself doing even more than you have done in the past. The challenge is that more doing may not be getting you the results you desire. Research shows that the mechanics or skill of what you do is only responsible for a maximum of 20% of your success, and realistically more like 8-10%! A minimum of 80% (and typically 96%) of success is created by what happens in your mind. Current Brain Science indicates that your “thinking” is merely a response pattern to the moment-to-moment experiences you encounter versus having in-the-moment conscious choice to actually “think” and produce the result you truly desire. Unfortunately, most of us are on auto-pilot carrying around beliefs that limit the life we could be living. This program begins the process of mastering your mind; in essence we will be building a mind that supports your true desire. It starts by uncovering the response patterns that run you and questioning the beliefs that hold you back, giving you an opportunity to tap in to your unlimited potential.

What is covered during this program?

  • We blend cutting-edge concepts and techniques rooted in multiple disciplines (Ontology, Hypnosis, NLP, Quantum Linguistics, Quantum Physics, Behavior Psychology and Performance Psychology) to steadily guide you to begin a powerful process of transformation. Here are just a few things that are covered:
  • Learn how your Mind Works & What Makes you Tick
  • Identify & Replace Limiting Beliefs
  • Breakthru to New Levels of Success
  • Discover and Rewrite your Success Contract
  • Create your Blueprint for Fulfillment
  • Learn to use your Mind vs. your Mind using you
  • Understand how to Build Rapport with your Unconscious Mind
  • Gain More Enjoyment out of your Life

What is covered during this program?

  • If you want to unleash your hidden capacity, improve your performance in life, and start feeling more satisfied and fulfilled, this program is for you.

How does the program work?

  • The transformation is initiated in this Program over a scheduled 90-day period, which is delivered in a group learning environment, over the phone, on a weekly basis. Both training and coaching will be done within the group. The groups are limited in participation and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Twelve (12) thought-provoking, awareness-heightening, empowering calls.
  • Each call’s duration is sixty-minutes, consisting of approximately 35-45 minutes of concept presentation and 15-20 minutes of interactive questions, review of work and concept understanding/application.
  • The program has a workbook creating a structure for effective learning and application.

When does the next session begin and how much does it cost?

  • The next session begins on Wednesday, November 11th at 2:00 EST/1:00 CST/11:00 PST
  • Runs most Wednesdays
  • Your investment is $419 (less than $35 a call) and most experience a signficant rate of return on investment.
Mastering Your Mind

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