Ron Patulski and Kate Patulski have been working with individuals and companies in the area of performance for more than 15 years. With extensive experience in sales and management, they have coached individuals,groups, and organizations across the US and Canada in the areas of sales performance, personal performance, leadership and organizational productivity.
Using the knowledge they’ve acquired through over 35,000 thousand hours of coaching and training calls, workshops, working within organizations, and continuing education, Ron and Kate have developed simple, effective programs that, when followed and applied, will allow an individual to unlock their potential and maximize their performance.

Ron has most recently worked in a cooperative program with State University Hospital, and Syracuse’s ABC News Affiliate, News Channel 9, to promote health and fitness to today’s youth and address the ever-increasing epidemic of childhood obesity. Ron is a Sports Fitness and Performance Enhancement Specialist as designated through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
He brings a unique perspective to the work he does with Performance University through a combination of years of business coaching, experience in the sports training world as a former assistant football coach for Christian Brothers’ Academy and as a mentor for the youth he trained while operating Training Champions Institute.
Kate is certified to administer and diagnose using HVP technology, which is a powerful scientific assessment tool based on the Hartman Value Profile system and the science of Axiology. She is also certified in the area of Emotional Intellingence, and the New Life Story system. Having an inside track to how individuals think and how that thinking affects their outcomes, as well as working with clients on utilizing their emotions, Kate has been able to strategically create a plan allowing her client’s to reach their desired objectives.
Kate has worked in the area of image consulting and has had education in business etiquette, and reading non-verbal cues/body langauge. She brings a fresh perspective to individuals and companies based on her years of management, leadership roles, coaching, and training.

Both the Patulskis are Certified Master Coaches through the Behavioral Coaching Institute, Master Practioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. They have studied and been trained in the neurosciences & formal axiology. They are currently working towards their Ph.D.s. They are members of the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, American Board of Hypnosis (ABH), the Time Line Therapy Association, the Internal Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Coaching Council (ICC). They are also members of the NeuroBusiness Group and the Hartman Institute. Ron is a non-practicing Certified Public Accountant.

Ron Patulski and Kate Patulski are members of the Hartman Institute and the International Coaching Federation.