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Since the late 1980s there has been increasing research, both quantitative and qualitative, on the effectiveness of coaching in the corporate and business arenas. The Manchester Consulting Inc. study conducted between 1996 and 2000, showed a return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of an executive coaching program.

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Qualitative surveys across various industries have demonstrated that coaching has provided noted improvements in: On an individual basis the following benefits have been realized as a result of coaching:
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Customer
  • Service
  • Productivity
  • Goal setting within an organization
  • Improvement in individual work performance
  • Growth and self-actualization of the individual Increased openness to learning and development
  • Ability to use talent and potential more effectively
  • Improved moral and higher staff retention

Performance U works within behavioral-based, performance-based coaching methodologies based on established, scientific, psychological laws of learning. Unlike many coaching approaches, Performance University emphasizes the importance of self-understanding on the part of coachees in order to achieve profound changes, unlock potential, and maximize performance.

Before getting started with a coaching/training relationship to meet your Corporate needs, Performance U will perform a Hartman Value Profile/MindScan, which is an assessment tool that measures the way one thinks, on the key individuals that will participate in coaching.

After a complete evaluation of the profile, a Performance Enhancement Specialist will recommend a curriculum to maximize the strengths of your team and create a strategic plan for increased performance. If you are interested in learning more or speaking to either Ron or Kate Patulski, please complete the form below.

Performance U specializes in working with individuals as well. Both Ron and Kate possess an extensive background in partnering with business and sales professionals in reaching higher levels of performance. If you would like to be considered as a coachee with Performance University, please complete the form below and a Certified Master Coach will contact you directly.

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