Coaching on Demand

Now, more than ever, we have seen individuals struggling day-to-day in their lives and businesses. We are also aware of the financial hardships many face today and their inability or hesitancy to commit to long-term contracts. The challenges of today’s market is the exact reason that coaching can have the greatest impact on your success today and your growth in the future.

At Performance U we are committed to helping more individuals find their way in today’s challenging market. We believe that this is a time to thrive vs. simply survive.

Coaching on Demand allows you the benefit of Certified Master Coaches, Ron and Kate Patulski, when you need it the most without a long-term coaching contract. Whether you have a specific challenge, require guidance for an issue you are facing, or have an opportunity that you want to seize, Coaching on Demand provides a very pointed, deliberate, approach to get you moving forward. All Coaching on Demand requests will be addressed within a 24-hour period and a 60-minute or 90-minute coaching session will be scheduled with a Certified Master Coach.

60-minute Session ($400)

90-minute Session ($550)